Guidance - Enrollment

Last Updated: 2/4/2021 8:00 PM

Enrollment Process

For Students in 9th and 10th grade currently enrolled in Armstrong, Apollo-Ridge, Freeport and Leechburg School Districts

  • Information packets will be mailed to your home by early January that include applications.
  •  Applicants must complete two applications: one is to be sent to Lenape Tech and one is to be submitted to your guidance counselor. 

For Students in 9th and 10th grade currently enrolled in Private or Cyber Charter School

  • Call the Lenape Tech Guidance office to Request an Information packet be sent to your home. Guidance  Department 724-763-7116 ext. 3304
  •  Applicants must complete an application and submit to Lenape Tech this needs to include your current school information and enrollment information intent for next year.

All Students

  • Application Deadline is April 6, 2021 (click "application" for link to application)
  • Applications can be e-mailed to or mailed to the school.
  • Any questions can also be sent to
  • Parents and student are invited to Family Night  in March where they can visit up to 3 technical programs to ask questions and see our facility.  Don't forget to send in your reservation.
  • Upon receiving your application, Lenape Tech will send you a receipt confirmation along with other necessary information you need to complete prior to your interview in the spring. (click "information" for link to a sample letter)
  • A counselor from Lenape Tech will visit your school in the spring to conduct an interview as well as select courses for your next school year. There will be make-up days scheduled later in the school year as well.    If a student attends a private or cyber school other arrangements will be made.  — Interviews will not be conducted unless an application has been submitted.
  • Final acceptance decision letters will be sent out in June after we have received and reviewed your official transcript from your sending school.  This letter will contain specific dates for Student Orientation. First year student orientation dates are generally during the 2nd or 3rd week in July.
  • All summer school classes that are required for enrollment to Lenape Tech must be completed by August 1st.

    Enrollment Options

Full Time

Students can attend Lenape Tech Full time as Juniors and Seniors.  They will receive all of their academic and technical courses through Lenape Tech.  For a full course catalogue, please visit the Lenape Tech Academic Courses Tab above.

Part Time

Students can attend Lenape Tech part time starting as a 10th grader.  This is approved on a case by case basis, especially for 11th and 12th grade, and will depend on the availability of the courses at both the sending school and the technical school.

Academic Requirements

Full Time—Junior

Math                             2 credits
English                           2 credits
Science                        *2 credits
Social Studies              *2 credits
  Physical Education      *2 classes

*Students are required to have 5 of these 6 classes.

Part Time Sophomore

 Math                           1 credit
English                         1 credit
Science                        1 credit
Social Studies              1 credit
Physical Education      1 class