Culinary Arts

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Objective of Field

Culinary Arts offers a wide variety of career opportunities for those who would enjoy the fast-paced and exciting career the food service industry can offer.  Students will have the opportunity to learn skills that will prepare them for post-secondary training or entry level positions in this rapidly growing industry.  Students will explore many careers in the “back of house” as well as the “front of house”.

Job Duties

Students will be responsible for the following:

  • Product preparation
  • Daily cleaning
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Enforcement of ServSafe guidelines
  • Cooking, baking, serving, and clean-up
  • After school functions and dinners
  • Inventory
  • Kitchen management

Planned Courses

  • The Food Service Industry

  • Quality Food Service Practices

  • The Professional Kitchen

  • Culinary Applications

  • Baking and Pastry applications

  • Safety and Sanitation

  • Restaurant Operations

Employment/Job Outlook

The job outlook for chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers is expected to grow and increase 15% or higher in the 2020-2030 time frames.  This is a direct result of more families needing convenient foods that are healthy and wholesome.  More and more families are looking for the convenience, but also want more home-made comfort foods and less fast food. 

  • Projected growth for higher-skilled chefs and cooks is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations in full-service restaurants 
  • Projected growth for baker is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations
  • Fast food cooks are expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations
  • Host/Hostesses are expected to grow much faster than average for all occupations
  • Nutritionists and Dieticians are expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations

There will be strong competition for jobs at upscale restaurants, hotels, and casinos, which tend to pay more. Workers with a combination of business skills, previous work experience, and creativity will have the best job prospects. 

Apprenticeship Program

2-Year Associates Degree

4-Year Bachelor’s Degree

First Cook
Banquet Captain
Banquet Cook
Grande Manger
Pastry Assistant
Sous Chef
Management Trainee

Culinary Arts
Pastry Arts
Hotel and Motel Management
Restaurant Management

Restaurant Owner (Business Degree)
Culinary Arts
Pastry Arts
Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management


How to find out more

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Additional Info

Recommendations for Success

  • Maintain good personal hygiene
  • Ambitious
  • Team oriented
  • Strong desire to learn
  • Good attendance/homework completion
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Follow safety and sanitation guidelines
  • Willingness to try a variety of foods
  • Handle extreme temperature changes
  • Stand for long periods of time on hard surfaces
  • Able to lift 50 lbs
  • Manual dexterity