Law Enforcement Information Technology

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Objective of Field

A 360 degree approach exposing students to the diversity of employment opportunities in the area of criminal justice and homeland security.

Job Duties

  • Patrol
  • Enforce local and state criminal and vehicular law
  • Traffic control
  • Crime prevention and education
  • Maintain public order
  • Prisoner transport
  • Emergency radio operations
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Handling evidence

Certification Tests

  • PATH
  • OC Pepper Spray
  • CPR/First Aid/AED
  • Fire Safety

Planned Courses

  • Crime Scene Management
  • Use of Force
  • Criminal Laws and Procedures
  • Defensive Tactics, Weapon Retention, Self Defense
  • Criminal Laws and Procedures
  • Emergency Medical Procedures
  • Traffic Stops
  • Drug and DUI Enforcement
  • Terrorism and Rapid Deployment
  • Nation Incident Management System
  • Emergency Tele-Communicator
  • Corrections
  • Courtroom Systems
  • Communications

Employment/Job Outlook

Police Officers and Deputy Sheriffs will have a 4% increase in demand between 2014 and 2024 in PA

Forensic Science Technicians will have a 27% increase in demand  between 2014 and 2024 in PA. 

Entry Level

Higher Education Options

911 Dispatcher
Private Security
Corrections Officer

Municipal Police Officer Education and Training
Commission Act 120 Police Academy
2-Year Associates Degree in Criminal Justice
4-Year Degree in Criminal Justice
Administration of Justice Forensic Science

How to find out more

For full program details, download document.

Additional Info

Recommendations for Success

  • Effective communication skills including tact and diplomacy
  • Community and customer focus
  • A sense of personal responsibility, integrity, and resilience
  • Problem-solving skills
  • A confident and calm manner
  • Proficient literacy skills so that you can accurately record details
  • Work in all types of weather conditions
  • Team working skills and the ability to work independently
  • Good attendance and participation
  • Attention to detail
  • Act as a role model for all students
  • Self discipline