Bus Stops for Part Time Lenape Students

For Part-Time Armstrong AND West Shamokin ONLY Lenape Students

Special bus schedule for August 15 to August 26, 2019.

Students will ride their regular bus TO school during this time.

This schedule is only until Armstrong and West Shamokin is in session!


Ford City, Kittanning & West Kittanning Stops for Part Time Lenape Students


  1. Rite Aid, Ford City
    Drop Off Time: 10:20AM
  1. Intersection 5th Avenue - 12th Street, Ford City
    Drop Off Time: 10:21AM
  1. Intersection 5th Avenue - 17th Street (Pet Paradise), Ford City
    Drop Off Time: 10:22AM
  1. Intersection Hill Street and Byron Street – McGrann
    Drop Off Time: 10:23AM
  1. Intersection North Water Street – Chestnut Street
    Drop Off Time: 10:38AM
  1. Entrance to Community Park – 10:39AM
  1. Kittanning YMCA – 10:40AM
  1. Klingensmith’s Parking Lot – West Kittanning – 10:45AM
  1. Intersection Arthur Street – Southern Avenue – 10:47AM
  1. Intersection Arthur Street – Northern Avenue – 10:48AM
  1. Intersection Pine Hill – Sioux Avenue – 10:49AM
  1. Belmont Complex Parking Lot – 10:53AM




US route 422 Stops and Shelocta, PA


  1. Intersection Piper Drive – Piper Court Lane – 10:17AM
  2. Intersection Piper Drive – Fairground Road – 10:20AM
  3. Barker Appliance Parking Lot, US Route 422 – 10:30AM
  4. US Route 422 Cherry Run, Pull Off, Across from Margret Road
    Drop Off Time: 10:40AM
  5. The Log Cabin Inn, Parking Lot, Shelocta
    Drop Off Time: 10:50AM



State Route 85, Rural Valley and Dayton Stops


  1. Parking Lot across from Twin Pines Tavern on SR 28/66
    Drop Off Time: 10:25AM
  2. Keystone Fuel Station, Route 85
    Drop Off Time: 10:35AM
  3. Elderton State Bank, Water Street, Rural Valley
    Drop Off Time: 10:38AM
  4. Intersection SR 85 – West Shamokin High School
    Drop Off Time: 10:41AM
  5. Dayton Fuel & Oil
    Drop Off Time: 10:45AM
  6. Marshall House Parking Lot, Dayton
    Drop Off Time: 10:55AM



SR-66, Worthington and Cowansville Stops for Part Time Lenape Students


  1. Intersection SR-66 – Hobson Drive – 10:17AM
  2. Intersection SR-66 – Ross Avenue – 10:18AM
  3. Additional Stops on SR-66 – 10:20
  4. Speedy’s Tasty Treats Parking Lot – 10:22AM
  5. Worthington Market Parking Lot – 10:40AM
  6. Cowansville Post Office Parking Lot – 11:00AM



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