Inspection Mechanic Re-certification

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As you are aware, PennDOT's vehicle safety recertification program changed. Per 67 Pa. Code §175.28, "A mechanic shall be certified for no more than 5 years. Mechanics may renew their mechanic certification by passing the required examination within 180 days of notification from the Department that their mechanic card is due to expire."  This new recertification requires you to pass an exam in order to renew your certification and the certification is valid for five years. 

As an inspector, when you are within the 180-day window to recertify and are notified by PennDOT that your certification is due to expire, you will be required to purchase a recertification package in order to take the exam. The “Exam-Only” package does not require you to purchase training materials.  

What does PennDOT charge?   (Paid online, directly to PennDOT)

  • $59.99—online exam only, including all relevant categories —NO training materials included with this purchase option. No training provided; if you fail the exam, you'll be required to purchase the full training package below.
  • $89.99—complete online training package with exam (includes 1 category; $9.99 for each additional category). Package includes one retest at no charge.  
  • Certified Document Reviewer: $29.99

How to Begin

  • Register using your current safety inspector or certified document reviewer number
  • Purchase your training package using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or a debit card
  • Review the training online
  • Take the exam
  • When you successfully complete the exam, you will be mailed a certificate and an ID card.

You have 3 attempts to pass PennDOT's online exam. Should you fail to pass in each of those attempts, you will be required to retake the class at a PennDOT approved school. 

READY TO TAKE PennDOT's ONLINE EXAM? Click here to go straight to the PennDOT online exam portal

Please refer to the PennDOT FAQ page for specific details regarding recertification package options here

Lenape Adult Education offers Recertification refresher classes for those who may feel more comfortable in a classroom setting with an approved instructor. Please note the following regarding these Recertification Refresher classes:

  • This class is OPTIONAL and not mandatory for recertification
  • The $60.00 fee for this class is in addition to the online exam fees listed above
  • Immediately following the training, you will have access to log on to a computer and purchase/take the exam. A second night of testing will also be available.
  • Use of computers for testing purposes only is also available (without refresher training). Please phone 724-763-5915 for availability.

Lenape Recertification Refresher class dates: (phone 724-763-5915 to register)