Planned Instruction Update

Dear Lenape Students, Parents, and Families,

As was explained in our April 9th Community Update, our continuity of education plan is changing in response to Gov. Wolf’s mandate that all schools in Pennsylvania remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.  We know that the faculty, staff, students and school community were hopeful that somehow Lenape would be able to re-open so that our students could return to finish out their school year. Unfortunately, this will not be possible.

Up to this point, students have been engaged in Enrichment and Review learning activities. This work has been optional and has not impacted students’ current grades. Instead, students were able to remain engaged in learning and fine-tuning their understanding of important concepts they were studying prior to the closure.

However, now that schools are required to be closed for the remainder of the school year, Lenape students will begin participating in what is called “Planned Instruction.”

Although the format for Planned Instruction is very similar to what students have been doing so far, the major difference is that beginning Monday April 20th, all students will be required to participate in and complete all coursework, assignments, and activities.

These assignments will be graded. Teachers will also be tracking your participation as a form of attendance.

Please read the following information carefully, as this will outline your plan for successful completion of the 2019-2020 school year.


Accessing Your Assignments Online:

 The online virtual learning option will continue using the same steps to access your assignments as before:

Students/parents simply log onto and click on the “Home Study Resources” page.

From there, students choose the “academic courses” or “technical courses” folders and then find the folders for their current class schedule.

Folders for the “Week of 4/20” and the “Week of 4/27” will be available Monday, April 20th at 8am.  Folders for the “Week of 5/4” and the “Week of 5/11” will be available Monday, May 4th at 8am.

As before, each course on your schedule will have a folder. In that folder you will find the instructions for the lessons, teacher office hours, and supporting materials you will need to complete the assignments as well as directions for returning your work to be graded.

If you need help finding your online materials, follow this link for support:                                                       

 Online work will be submitted back to your teacher according to their instructions. 

Students should use their school email accounts when communicating with teachers and guidance to ensure proper delivery.


 Students Completing Paper Packets

Paper copies of online assignments can be mailed home for students with limited access to technology.

If you are already receiving schoolwork by mail, you will continue to receive packets at home.   You will receive two weeks’ worth of assignments in each set that is mailed.

There are several options for returning your packets to Lenape to be graded:

· Drop off packets at Lenape on Friday 5/1 or Friday 5/15 between 8am-2pm both days

· Drop off packets at your sending school during when they are accepting packets

· Call the Help Desk at 724-763-7116 for additional support

Please be sure to write your name and “Lenape Tech” on any paper copies before returning your packets in. Do not separate pages if possible.  This will reduce the chance of pages going missing.


For Students with IEP’s or 504 Plans

Students with IEP’s or 504 Plans that require individualized support for completing tests and other assignments can call 724-763-7116 Monday through Friday, 8am-2pm so someone can assist you with setting up the appropriate support.

You can also email Mrs. Carla Thimons, Special Programs Coordinator at to request special education support.


Grades and Attendance

As mentioned previously, all assignments for both online and paper formats will be graded and is required to be completed by all students. Grades of assignments will be posted in Power School for parents and students to access as we have always done.  You will communicate directly with your teachers regarding specific grades and assignments.

Attendance will be based on student participation in all learning activities. We certainly understand that family dynamics have been greatly impacted by COVID-19. Students are asked to complete assignments in a timely fashion to ensure work can be graded and your participation noted.

Students will complete a weekly reflection form summarizing their participation in the learning activities for the week.  This document will be used for counting attendance.


Schedule for the Remainder of 19-20 School Year

April 20 – April 24

Available 4/20 at 8am

Students: Planned Instruction begins for students

Online Students complete and submit work for the “Week of 4/20”

Paper Copies Mailed out for “Week 4/20” & “Week 4/27”

Attendance Reflection Form posted on for students to complete

April 27 – May 1

Available 4/20 at 8am

Students: Planned Instruction continues

Online Students complete and submit work for the “Week of 4/27”

Completed paper copies for “Week 4/20” & “Week 4/27” can be dropped off at Lenape Friday 5/1 between 8am-2pm

May 4 – May 8

Available 5/4 at 8am

Students: Planned Instruction continues

Online Students complete and submit work for the “Week of 5/4”

Paper Copies Mailed out for “Week 5/4” & “Week 5/11”

May 11 – May 15

Available 5/4 at 8am

Students: Planned Instruction continues

Online Students complete and submit work for the “Week of 5/11”

Completed paper copies for “Week 5/4” & “Week 5/11” can be dropped off at Lenape Friday 5/15 between 8am-2pm

May 18 – May 22

Students: Final Planned Instruction Assignments Completed and Submitted

Final learning activities for the Week of 5/18 will be posted at 8am Monday 5/18


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