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AdamsPamela  -  Aide 724-763-7116 x3574
[Email] for Pamela Adams [Profile] for Pamela Adams
AnthonyDouglas  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3364
[Email] for Douglas Anthony [Profile] for Douglas Anthony
AthertonGara  -  Cosmetology Teacher 724-763-7116 x3325
[Email] for Gara Atherton [Profile] for Gara Atherton
BarkerJason  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3343
[Email] for Jason Barker [Profile] for Jason Barker
BarrettRebekah  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3362
[Email] for Rebekah Barrett [Profile] for Rebekah Barrett
BartonNicole  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3371
[Email] for Nicole Barton [Profile] for Nicole Barton
BettsMarla  -  Teacher 3349
[Email] for Marla Betts [Profile] for Marla Betts
BlackRita  -  Aide 724-763-7116 x3311
[Email] for Rita Black [Profile] for Rita Black
BobackMark  -  Custodian
[Email] for Mark Boback [Profile] for Mark Boback
BowserChristina  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3352
[Email] for Christina Bowser [Profile] for Christina Bowser
BoyerBrenda  -  Aide
[Email] for Brenda Boyer [Profile] for Brenda Boyer
BoyleLisa  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3345
[Email] for Lisa Boyle [Profile] for Lisa Boyle
CrispenTina  -  Aide 724-763-7116 x3575
[Email] for Tina Crispen [Profile] for Tina Crispen
DitmoreJill  -  Aide
[Email] for Jill Ditmore [Profile] for Jill Ditmore
DupalyEdward  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3331
[Email] for Edward Dupaly [Profile] for Edward Dupaly
EmmingerJacob  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3336
[Email] for Jacob Emminger [Profile] for Jacob Emminger
FahlorAndrea  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3327
[Email] for Andrea Fahlor [Profile] for Andrea Fahlor
GeyerErika  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3342
[Email] for Erika Geyer [Profile] for Erika Geyer
GizlerMark  -  Teacher
[Email] for Mark Gizler [Profile] for Mark Gizler
GurskiJason  -  Principal 724-763-7116 x3303
[Email] for Jason Gurski [Profile] for Jason Gurski
HammZachary  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3347
[Email] for Zachary Hamm [Profile] for Zachary Hamm
HaponskiCyril  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3353
[Email] for Cyril Haponski [Profile] for Cyril Haponski
HarmonBobbie  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Bobbie Harmon [Profile] for Bobbie Harmon
HeckmanMary  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3309
[Email] for Mary Heckman [Profile] for Mary Heckman
HenryWilliam  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3319
[Email] for William Henry [Profile] for William Henry
IngramJacob  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3333
[Email] for Jacob Ingram [Profile] for Jacob Ingram
JasekJoseph  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3350
[Email] for Joseph Jasek [Profile] for Joseph Jasek
KirschSara  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3367
[Email] for Sara Kirsch [Profile] for Sara Kirsch
KlineMindy  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Mindy Kline [Profile] for Mindy Kline
KuchtaWesley  -  Administrative Director 724-763-7116 x3302
[Email] for Wesley Kuchta [Profile] for Wesley Kuchta
LentzThomas  -  CTT Instructor 724-763-7116 x3335
[Email] for Thomas Lentz [Profile] for Thomas Lentz
LigusMichele  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3306
[Email] for Michele Ligus [Profile] for Michele Ligus
LongwellEric  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3354
[Email] for Eric Longwell [Profile] for Eric Longwell
MarracciniBrenda  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Brenda Marraccini [Profile] for Brenda Marraccini
McGrathLinda  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Linda McGrath [Profile] for Linda McGrath
MetroJason  -  Assistant Technology Coordinator 724-763-7116 x3323
[Email] for Jason Metro [Profile] for Jason Metro
MiseraSteve  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3326
[Email] for Steve Misera [Profile] for Steve Misera
MooreKelsey  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3365
[Email] for Kelsey Moore [Profile] for Kelsey Moore
ParsellLorie  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3301
[Email] for Lorie Parsell [Profile] for Lorie Parsell
PeckKathy  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3304
[Email] for Kathy Peck [Profile] for Kathy Peck
PerryMichael  -  Teacher
[Email] for Michael Perry [Profile] for Michael Perry
PolkaAmanda  -  Secretary 724-763-7116 x3312
[Email] for Amanda Polka [Profile] for Amanda Polka
PrittsKristen  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3314
[Email] for Kristen Pritts [Profile] for Kristen Pritts
PurvisGale  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3348
[Email] for Gale Purvis [Profile] for Gale Purvis
RosellLars  -  Technology Coordinator 724-763-7116 x3321
[Email] for Lars Rosell [Profile] for Lars Rosell
SchnaubeltKatherine  -  Nurse 724-763-7116 x3329
[Email] for Katherine Schnaubelt [Profile] for Katherine Schnaubelt
SchoenAllisha  -  Teacher
[Email] for Allisha Schoen [Profile] for Allisha Schoen
SheaDonna  -  Aide 724-763-7116 x3580
[Email] for Donna Shea [Profile] for Donna Shea
SimcikKrista  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3344
[Email] for Krista Simcik [Profile] for Krista Simcik
SimpsonHeather  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3361
[Email] for Heather Simpson [Profile] for Heather Simpson
SmithAnna  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3356
[Email] for Anna Smith [Profile] for Anna Smith
StairsErin  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3358
[Email] for Erin Stairs [Profile] for Erin Stairs
StolarskiCarol  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3366
[Email] for Carol Stolarski [Profile] for Carol Stolarski
TakacsDeborah  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3357
[Email] for Deborah Takacs [Profile] for Deborah Takacs
ThimonsCarla  -  Special Programs Coordinator 724-763-7116 x3320
[Email] for Carla Thimons [Profile] for Carla Thimons
TitusKimberly  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Kimberly Titus [Profile] for Kimberly Titus
TumasEdward  -  Custodian
[Email] for Edward Tumas [Profile] for Edward Tumas
VeronesiDaniel  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3355
[Email] for Daniel Veronesi [Profile] for Daniel Veronesi
VeronesiStacy  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3351
[Email] for Stacy Veronesi [Profile] for Stacy Veronesi
WattersonKenneth  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3363
[Email] for Kenneth Watterson [Profile] for Kenneth Watterson
WenselCassandra  -  Teacher
[Email] for Cassandra Wensel [Profile] for Cassandra Wensel
WheelerJarod  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3334
[Email] for Jarod Wheeler [Profile] for Jarod Wheeler
ZablockiTed  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3337
[Email] for Ted Zablocki [Profile] for Ted Zablocki
ZanettiWilliam  -  Aide 724-763-7116 x3582
[Email] for William Zanetti [Profile] for William Zanetti
ZillaMari  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3359
[Email] for Mari Zilla [Profile] for Mari Zilla
ZimmermanJason  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3397
[Email] for Jason Zimmerman [Profile] for Jason Zimmerman
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Lenape Technical School, an equal opportunity employer, shall not discriminate in their educational programs, activities or employment practices based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, ancestry or any other legally protected classification.  Publication of this policy is in accordance with state and federal laws including Title VI of the Civil Rights of 1964,  Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act.  Inquires should be directed to the Special Programs Coordinator, 503/504 / ADA Coordinator, and Title IX Coordinator, Lenape Tech, 2215 Chaplin Avenue, Ford City, PA  16226.  Telephone: 724-763-7116