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AikinsMegan  -  Nurse x3329
[Email] for Megan Aikins [Profile] for Megan Aikins
AnthonyDouglas  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3364
[Email] for Douglas Anthony [Profile] for Douglas Anthony
AthertonGara  -  Cosmetology Teacher 724-763-7116 x3325
[Email] for Gara Atherton [Profile] for Gara Atherton
BarkerJason  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3343
[Email] for Jason Barker [Profile] for Jason Barker
BettsMarla  -  Teacher 3349
[Email] for Marla Betts [Profile] for Marla Betts
BlackRita  -  Instructional Assistant 724-763-7116 x3311
[Email] for Rita Black [Profile] for Rita Black
BlankenshipTimothy  -  Teacher x3336
[Email] for Timothy Blankenship [Profile] for Timothy Blankenship
BowserChristina  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3352
[Email] for Christina Bowser [Profile] for Christina Bowser
BoyerBrenda  -  Aide
[Email] for Brenda Boyer [Profile] for Brenda Boyer
BoyleLisa  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3345
[Email] for Lisa Boyle [Profile] for Lisa Boyle
BrociousKeisha  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Keisha Brocious [Profile] for Keisha Brocious
CusterStephanie  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Stephanie Custer [Profile] for Stephanie Custer
DupalyEdward  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3331
[Email] for Edward Dupaly [Profile] for Edward Dupaly
EmmingerJacob  -  Teacher
[Email] for Jacob Emminger [Profile] for Jacob Emminger
FahlorAndrea  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3327
[Email] for Andrea Fahlor [Profile] for Andrea Fahlor
FinkRichel  -  ASD Teacher x3362
[Email] for Richel Fink [Profile] for Richel Fink
FortunaTracey  -  Payroll 7247133637
[Email] for Tracey Fortuna [Profile] for Tracey Fortuna
GeyerErika  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3342
[Email] for Erika Geyer [Profile] for Erika Geyer
GizlerMark  -  Teacher
[Email] for Mark Gizler [Profile] for Mark Gizler
GourleyGrant  -  Dean of Students
[Email] for Grant Gourley [Profile] for Grant Gourley
GraftonBrittany  -  ASD Teacher x3371
[Email] for Brittany Grafton [Profile] for Brittany Grafton
GurskiJason  -  Principal 724-763-7116 x3303
[Email] for Jason Gurski [Profile] for Jason Gurski
HammZachary  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3347
[Email] for Zachary Hamm [Profile] for Zachary Hamm
HaponskiCyril  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3353
[Email] for Cyril Haponski [Profile] for Cyril Haponski
HenryWilliam  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3319
[Email] for William Henry [Profile] for William Henry
IngramBrent  -  Teacher x3356
[Email] for Brent Ingram [Profile] for Brent Ingram
JasekJoseph  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3350
[Email] for Joseph Jasek [Profile] for Joseph Jasek
KirschSara  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3367
[Email] for Sara Kirsch [Profile] for Sara Kirsch
KlineMindy  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Mindy Kline [Profile] for Mindy Kline
KuchtaWesley  -  Administrative Director 724-763-7116 x3302
[Email] for Wesley Kuchta [Profile] for Wesley Kuchta
LazaronKeith  -  SRO - School Resource Officer 724-763-5907
[Email] for Keith Lazaron [Profile] for Keith Lazaron
LentzThomas  -  CTT Instructor 724-763-7116 x3335
[Email] for Thomas Lentz [Profile] for Thomas Lentz
LigusMichele  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3306
[Email] for Michele Ligus [Profile] for Michele Ligus
LongwellEric  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3354
[Email] for Eric Longwell [Profile] for Eric Longwell
MarracciniBrenda  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Brenda Marraccini [Profile] for Brenda Marraccini
McGrathLinda  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Linda McGrath [Profile] for Linda McGrath
MiseraSteve  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3326
[Email] for Steve Misera [Profile] for Steve Misera
MooreKelsey  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3365
[Email] for Kelsey Moore [Profile] for Kelsey Moore
NeelyRyan  -  Business Manager
[Email] for Ryan Neely [Profile] for Ryan Neely
OrtmannTheodore  -  Assistant Technology Coordinator 724-763-7116 x3323
[Email] for Theodore Ortmann [Profile] for Theodore Ortmann
ParsellLorie  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3301
[Email] for Lorie Parsell [Profile] for Lorie Parsell
PepplerNathan  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Nathan Peppler [Profile] for Nathan Peppler
PerryMichael  -  Teacher
[Email] for Michael Perry [Profile] for Michael Perry
PolkaAmanda  -  Secretary 724-763-7116 x3312
[Email] for Amanda Polka [Profile] for Amanda Polka
PrittsKristen  -  Staff 724-763-7116 x3314
[Email] for Kristen Pritts [Profile] for Kristen Pritts
PurvisGale  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3348
[Email] for Gale Purvis [Profile] for Gale Purvis
ReillyLauren  -  Guidance Counselor 724-763-7116 ext. 3308
[Email] for Lauren Reilly [Profile] for Lauren Reilly
RitchieBenjamin  -  ASD Teacher x3331
[Email] for Benjamin Ritchie [Profile] for Benjamin Ritchie
RosellLars  -  Technology Coordinator 724-763-7116 x3321
[Email] for Lars Rosell [Profile] for Lars Rosell
SchawlMelissa  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Melissa Schawl [Profile] for Melissa Schawl
SchoenAllisha  -  Teacher
[Email] for Allisha Schoen [Profile] for Allisha Schoen
ShafferBeth  -  Instructional Assistant
[Email] for Beth Shaffer [Profile] for Beth Shaffer
SheaDonna  -  Instructional Assistant 724-763-7116 x3580
[Email] for Donna Shea [Profile] for Donna Shea
SimcikKrista  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3344
[Email] for Krista Simcik [Profile] for Krista Simcik
StairsErin  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3358
[Email] for Erin Stairs [Profile] for Erin Stairs
StolarskiCarol  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3366
[Email] for Carol Stolarski [Profile] for Carol Stolarski
StubenSuzanne  -  Administrative Assistant to the Director 4695159561
[Email] for Suzanne Stuben [Profile] for Suzanne Stuben
TakacsDeborah  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3357
[Email] for Deborah Takacs [Profile] for Deborah Takacs
ThimonsCarla  -  Special Programs Coordinator 724-763-7116 x3320
[Email] for Carla Thimons [Profile] for Carla Thimons
TitusKimberly  -  Cafeteria
[Email] for Kimberly Titus [Profile] for Kimberly Titus
TumasEdward  -  Custodian
[Email] for Edward Tumas [Profile] for Edward Tumas
VeronesiDaniel  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3355
[Email] for Daniel Veronesi [Profile] for Daniel Veronesi
WalkerBradley  -  Business Manager
[Email] for Bradley Walker [Profile] for Bradley Walker
WattersonKenneth  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3363
[Email] for Kenneth Watterson [Profile] for Kenneth Watterson
WenselCassandra  -  Teacher
[Email] for Cassandra Wensel [Profile] for Cassandra Wensel
WheelerJarod  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3334
[Email] for Jarod Wheeler [Profile] for Jarod Wheeler
WolfeBrian  -  Teacher
[Email] for Brian Wolfe [Profile] for Brian Wolfe
ZablockiTed  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3337
[Email] for Ted Zablocki [Profile] for Ted Zablocki
ZillaMari  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3359
[Email] for Mari Zilla [Profile] for Mari Zilla
ZimmermanJason  -  Teacher 724-763-7116 x3397
[Email] for Jason Zimmerman [Profile] for Jason Zimmerman
ZimmermanJessica  -  Guidance Secretary x3304
[Email] for Jessica Zimmerman [Profile] for Jessica Zimmerman