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Right To Know

Open Records Information

Requests and access for District information under the Right-to-Know (Open Records) Law shall be governed by the law itself (Act 3 of 2008) as well as the Lenape Technical School Board policy.

Open Records Officer

To request information from Lenape Tech please contact:

Mr. Ryan Neely
Business Manager
2215 Chaplin Avenue
Ford City, PA 16222

Phone:  724-763-9888

Written Requests

To request a specific document, please communicate in writing using the Lenape Technical School Standard Right-to-Know Request form or the Standard Right-to-Know Request form prescribed by the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

Please note: Phone requests will NOT be accepted.

Associated Fees

Copying/duplicating fees and postage costs will be assessed as permitted by Section 1307 of Act 3. Lenape Technical School shall use the  fee schedule established by the PA Office of Open Records.

The requester shall pay the designated fee prior to the District releasing the record(s).  Any refusal to pay the fee associated with the request will result in Lenape Technical School making them available for review purposes only.

Office of Open Records

For more information or to appeal a denial, the requester may contact:

PA Office of Open Records:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Office of Open Records
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, Plaza Level
Harrisburg PA 17120-0225
Ph. 717-346-9903