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PowerSchool for parents

PowerSchool gives parents/guardians and students, through separate login credentials, access to real-time information including attendance, grades and detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins, lunch menus and even personal messages from the teacher.

  Everyone stays connected; Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate more fully in their student's progress and teacher can use their grade book to make decisions on what information they want share with parents and students.

  To receive your username and password contact the Guidance Office at Lenape Tech.

About PowerSchool for parents

    - PowerSchool provide single sign-on access to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. With single sign-on access parents/guardians can now have their own individual parent/guardian account, including user name and password.

  - Once your account is created, you can manage your account information, link all students (for whom you have parental and legal rights to) to your account and set email and notifications preferences for each student linked to your account.

  - If you've forgotten your account login information, you can retrieve them by using auto-recovery.

  - PowerSchool app for Parents and Students. These apps will work on smartphones running iOS or Android.
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How does it work?
  You will receive an access ID and password from Lenape Tech and use this access ID on the parent website to create a username and password of your choice.

You will receive one access ID per child attending Lenape Tech. Thus, if you have two children enrolled at Lenape you will be able to monitor them both using one single login.

  Once you have used the access ID to create a login you will no longer use it, unless of course you want to set up another login.

Why would I set up another login?
  If, for example, you as a parent/guardian want to allow a relative or friend access to your child’s information you would just simply share the access ID and your friend or relative will be able to create their own account.

  You could also simply create a new user account and share this new user name and password, what ever you are most comfortable with. In any case there is no need to share the same login or email address anymore.


If you have questions call or send an email to:
Ms. Michele Ligus or Mr. Lars Rosell


How to set up Parent Portal login


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If you have questions call or send an email to:
Ms. Michele Ligus or Mr. Lars Rosell



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