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Flexibly Instruction Days (FID)

Parents/Guardians and Students,
Lenape Technical School has received approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to utilize Flexible Instruction Days or FID’s. These are remote instruction days in which students will work from home. Lessons are designed to approximate a full instructional day of learning activities and count toward the number of instructional days/hours required under Article 15 of the Public School Code and Chapter 11 of the state Board of Education regulations. FIDs are designed to provide a continuity of instruction in the event that a regularly scheduled school day is canceled (primarily due to weather closures). 

Please review the links on this page regarding how Flexible Instruction Days will work at Lenape Tech. 

Both full and part-time students will follow these procedures.

Parents will need to complete and submit the “Flexible Instruction Day Verification” so that their child can receive credit for the day.

If you should have any questions after reviewing these materials, please contact Mr. Jason Gurski, Assistant Director/Principal at 724-763-7116.