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Guidance - Resources to Support Students and Families

• AWARE Team •

In response to the school’s commitment to educational excellence, Lenape Technical School has an active Student Assistance Program, known as the AWARE Team.  This program is designed to help identified high-risk teenagers who are having school related problems for a variety of reasons.  This program is not a treatment program, but an intervention

program, that follows a systematic process for intervening and referring the student to the appropriate in-school or community services.   The program will provide a structured, organized approach for students attending Lenape Technical School and offer assistance to those students who are troubled by physical, emotional, social, and familial or chemical abuse problems. 

The goal of the AWARE Team is to help the students become more successful in their studies by helping remove and cope with distractions to their learning. 

  1. Focus on educational concerns and improve the quality of education.
  2. Enlist the support of district staff, parents/guardians, and community.

The primary focus of the program is to assess the student whose behavior raises concerns; and to develop a plan, with the help of the parents/guardians that addresses the specific needs of the student.

*Referrals to the AWARE TEAM can be made by school faculty, student or family members.

Please contact 724-763-7116 ext. 3304 for more information. 


The McKinney-Vento Definition of Homeless

Subtitle VII-B of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act defines homeless as follows:

The term "homeless children and youths"-- means individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence and includes--

  1. children and youths who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason; are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camping grounds due to the lack of alternative adequate accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; or are abandoned in hospitals;*

  2. children and youths who have a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not designed for or ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings;

  3. children and youths who are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings; and

  4. migratory children who qualify as homeless for the purposes of this subtitle because the children are living in circumstances described in clauses 1 through 3.

*Per Title IX, Part A of the Every Student Succeeds Act, "awaiting foster care placement" was removed from the definition of homeless on December 10, 2016; the only exception to his removal is that "covered states" have until December 10, 2017 to remove "awaiting foster care placement" from their definition of homeless.

For more information you can click on National Center for Homeless Education to visit the website.

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to someone at Lenape Tech please contact our Special Programs Coordinator at 724-763-7116 ext. 3320

School-based Therapy


Lenape Technical School has partnered with Family Psychological Services to provide access to a licensed mental health therapist during the school day. The process typically begins with a referral from the school’s AWARE Team (Student Assistant Program) to identify at-risk students. The Aware Team then works with parents/guardians to determine if services would be beneficial to the student. Sessions are confidential and held discreetly at the school on an as-needed basis in an effort to provide mental health support and resources to students facing various challenges. Please contact our guidance office for more information.